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You're the Host,

here is the Guideline for You...


"You're An Excellent Host!"
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"Meeting at Your Living Room"

(A Simple Step-by-Step Guidelines for the Host)
Ever dream of listening, actively participating, and inspired by a dynamic, inspiring, and lively seminar by a motivational and spiritual speakers at your very own living room or backyard?
Why not invite them?
Hosting a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker in your own house can be a magical experience and a good way to actively participate on making our old world a better place.

In this guideline you'll find a simple step-by-step explanations that will tell you what you need to know how to book and put on a successful Full House of Motivational Gathering.
  • How to Be An Effective Host

Just about anyone can host a full house motivational gathering. If you can guarantee an audience of at least two and (even better), a dozen or more enthusiastic listeners and a living room (backyard) to squeeze them in, go for it.

Well, of course, it's much, much better if you can get 20-50 people and have a spacious room with enough space to move around.

You can make difference from where you live no matter where.

You can use your full house motivational gathering to bring in people who are serious about changing their life for the better, the more joyful and peaceful life. Yes, I'm looking forward to meet and to share with you the healing power of our subconcious mind to reach your goals in life. I cannot wait to meet with people, just like YOU, who can honestly say,"I'm READY to be helped with hypnosis and self hypnosis!"

  • Invite Your Guest Speaker: JW Utomo! :)

Invite guest speakers only if you love their work and you think your guests will too. You're going to have to ask friends and family to pay money to come to your house. If you do one or two good Full House Motivational Gatherings and the word gets out, you might find yourself getting unsolicited calls from other people. If you do more gatherings, your audience will want to know that they can count on your personal judgment every time.

  • Matching the Date(s)

Once you've chosen JW Utomo as your guest speaker, contact him ASAP to have a better chance of booking the date(s) that fit perfectly into your plan. Since all lectures/workshops dates are given on a first-come, first-served basis. So, the sooner you contact us, the better chance you'll get. Ask for our current schedule and location of ongoing lecture/workshop series now!

  • Making Contact

When you contact JW Utomo or his representative, please have the following information ready:

Your Full Address, Phone Number, and E-mail
The Date(s) of Your Event
Realistic Estimate of the Potential Audience (minimum 3 persons)
Logistic (if applicable) such as: Room & Board, Airfares, etcetera.

We're certain on Your ability to pull off a successful gathering. Having done your homework is truly good start.

  • The Bottom Line

This guideline is specifically for FHMG (Full House Motivational Gathering) Host who pro-actively and passionately have the desire to make a difference in their community by hosting motivational gatherings for his/her relatives, friends, and neighbours. JW Utomo won't charge his regular fee for this services as it's his desire and expression to give back to his fellow human being and to the community at large.

However, for the fairness to the Host, the Attendees and the Speaker; JW Utomo offer you an excellent way to make this Full House Motivational Gathering more successful where everyone receive great benefits from it in a very reasonable price (i.e. or even better, you can have him for your next gathering for FREE for YOU and YOUR Organizations, please do call our office to ask about this VERY SPECIAL OFFER NOW!).

  • For the minimum number of attendants (i.e. 3 persons) in Boston area: JW Utomo will charge a flat rate fee of: $125 only!
  • For a 10 attendants the fee is $195 only!
  • For an 11 to 20 people in-attendant: $325 only!
  • For Additional Fee Range: Available upon request.

Spread the words and invite as many people as you can, the more, the merrier. Create attractive fliers, brochures, and invitation letters and give them away to everyone and put them in every places that you can imagine of (community centers, public libraries, bookstores, town halls, day care centers, cafes, shopping centers, malls, your hair salons, barber shops, restaurants, etcetera).

Agree on a ticket price (usually an $12-$15 "donation") and be up front about any money you'll want to take out for direct expenses like mailing or food. Remember that most hosts don't take anything, as hosting a wandering minstrel is a time-honored tradition that has always been its own reward. Many folks host house seminars as a hobby, and even if they occasionally shell out $100 or more it's cheaper than collecting Pokemon cards or a weekend of downhill skiing.

Remember, a house motivational seminar is different from a party - guests pay their own admission fee so they're there to listen. But if your code of hospitality makes it awkward to collect money from friends and family, it's still possible to make arrangements so that your guests know what to expect if they come.


"Congratulations for the job well done!"
Red Yellow and Green Ballons
"You're such a Great Host...Thanks!"

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