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The AMA (American Medical Association) has officially recognized hypnosis as a beneficial treatment for over 40 years. In a review of literature published in Psychotherapy magazine, (Volume 7, Number 1, Alfred A. Barrios, PhD), various types of techniques were profiled.

The greatest success in providing lasting change occurred with:

  • Behavior Therapy -- 72% after 22 sessions (about 6 months)
  • Psychoanalysis -- 38% recovery after 600 sessions (about 11 1/2 yrs.)
  • Hypnosis -- 93% recovery after 6 sessions (about 1 1/2 months)

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, which facilitates change, by utilising the therapeutic application of Hypnosis, as the primary technique for the treatment and relief of a wide range of somatic, psychological and behavioural issues. Modern hypnotherapy can treat and relieve a wide range of conditions and symptoms, alter unwanted behaviour patterns and create new ones, as well as being used creatively to enhance artistic, sporting, academic and other types of personal performance.

There are so many ways in which Hypnotherapy can help you. And the wonderful thing is that everyone can benefit from this type of therapy. Hypnosis is a change of consciousness not a loss of consciousness. You will enter a wonderful state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation along with a heightened state of awareness, so that you can use the natural power of your mind to help you with your individual needs.

In Hypnosis, you access your subconscious, which is the most powerful part of your mind, where real, lasting change takes place. You may have heard it said that we only use 10% of our mind power, our conscious mind. Hypnosis is a way to gain access to that other 90% i.e. your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is powerful, your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful!

Hypnosis is one of the most effective means of bringing about changes you desire in your life. While in hypnosis your conscious, or critical mind (the part that's analysing this now) is temporarily bypassed and you work directly with the subconscious or the inner mind.

The Inner mind is the hidden feeling mind, which becomes open and more responsive to all highly positive and beneficial ideas and suggestions. Allowing real changes to take place quickly. This involves a process of re-education at the mental, emotional levels for the purpose of solving problems, developing motivation and setting and achieving goals.

As hypnosis is a natural response, which allows you greater control over all aspects of your life, thus, hypnotherapy is completely safe. So one big advantage of using Hypnosis is that there are no harmful or unwanted side effects. Another advantage being that when administered by a professionally trained and skilled hypnotist, the positive benefits can be long lasting and often permanent.

Hypnosis is fast gaining credibility as a valuable mental and psychological tool, with many Doctors and Dentists now referring patients to Hypnotherapists . However hypnotherapy should not be considered a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment, but as a complimentary therapy.

If you are still anxious about Hypnosis, you can be reassured that you cannot be hypnotized against your will, or forced to do anything that you do not want to do.

The most common use of hypnotherapy is to remedy maladies like obesity, smoking, pain, ego, anxiety, stress, amnesia, phobias and to achieve and improve performances including academic, sports, arts performances, plus many other conditions are also treated by hypnosis.

We’re here for You…
We can help You reach your goals:

         Lose Weight & Increase Energy Level/Activity

         Stop Smoking Once and for all: Start Your Happier-Healthier New You Today!

         Stress Management: The Ultimate Technique to Healthy Living, Physically & Emotionally

         Peak Athletic Performance: Do Your Best Performance Ever

         Ultimate Academic Improvement: Increase Grades & Improve Study Habits

         Eliminate Phobia: Remove Limiting Fears & Phobias

         Pediatric Hypnosis: Hypnosis for Your Wonderful Children

         Goal Achievement: Remove Obstacles & Reach Your Goals

         End Procrastination Now

         Public Speaking with Power, Strength and Confidence

         Improve Your Self-Confidence & Self Esteem

         Remove Pre-Operative Anxiety

         The Millionaire Mind For Wealth & Abundance

         Deep Sleep: Insomnia No More!

         Hypno-Selling: Be the Best Salesperson Today!

This is just a short list of how hypnosis/hypnotherapy and our services can help you. Please contact us today (617) 899-9939 to schedule your appointment to achieve your personal goals and learn why so many have said, “I wish I came to the Heal & Grow Center™ much, much sooner."


Table of Contents:

  1. What is Hypnosis?
  2. Can My Bad Habits Be Conquered?
  3. Will I Do Something I Don't Want To?
  4. Can Hypnosis be dangerous?
  5. Can My Phobia Be Conquered?
  6. Can Hypnosis Really Help?
  7. Can anyone be Hypnotized, even me? What will it feel like?
  8. What is Self-Hypnosis?
  9. Will I become a Zombie can you Hypnotize me Against my Will?
  10. Will I Remember Being Hypnotized?

What is Hypnosis?

The experts differ on the answer to this question. But it is a very natural function.

If you have ever driven somewhere and not remembered how you got there when you arrived, you were hypnotized. Taken the wrong exit or missed an exit because you were driving on auto-pilot to somewhere you usually go? You were hypnotized. When you focus on your work and not remember the time, you were in the hypnotic state. Most people spend a large part of the time they are watching TV under hypnosis. Maybe that's why TV advertising is so effective.

The best answer may be that it is a state of heightened awareness in which the conscious brain is bypassed, and communication is established directly with the sub-conscious. In this state, the brains conscious power to reason, make excuses, and rationalize, does not come into play. That means that commands are not evaluated as to if there is an excuse not to do them. But, rather only if there is some compelling physical, moral, or safety reason not to do it.

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Can My Bad Habits Be Conquered?

All that hypnotism does is allow me to provide direction to your sub-conscious in how to go about getting rid of the bad habit. And to do it without your conscious mind making excuses as to why it won’t work. Because it is your mind that is doing the work, you must really want to stop the habit. If it’s smoking, eating poorly, or any other habit, you must sincerely want to get rid of it. If you are, than this is one of the things that hypnosis does really well.

I also have a "Stop Smoking, When Nothing Else Works in 90 Minutes" program. It is available to individuals in the Metro Boston Area, or at workshops I give in various places. I also have a corporate program which can be given in your offices. It can be given to as many as 85 people at the same time. More can be handled by simply scheduling more seminar/workshops. Each seminar takes only 90 minutes.

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Will I Do Something I Don't Want To?

No. When you're in the state of hypnosis (i.e. a state of heightened awareness)you will not do anything that is against your moral code, or that would endanger your safety. Unless your conscious mind agreed, such as if you were trying to overcome a fear of bungee jumping and you really wanted to do it. For instance, if a hypnotist ordered you to steal something, you would refuse (unless you saw nothing wrong with theft).

When you see a stage hypnotist make someone do something silly, that person is doing it because their subconscious sees no harm in it. If it did, the command would be refused. Also, by volunteering for something where they know they will be made to look silly, they have given their mental consent already. The subconscious is ready to perform.

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Can Hypnosis be Dangerous?

In hypnosis, you will not do anything against your moral code, or that would put you in physical or mental danger that you would not put yourself in otherwise. In the hands of an amateur, hypnosis, like most other tools, can be somewhat dangerous if misused. Suppose someone had you enter into the state of hypnosis and told you that every time someone said your name you would clean your fingernails. Harmless enough, but if they forgot to remove that command, or didn't do it properly, your boss might not be very happy with you the next day. This could be dangerous to your ability to earn an income. The proper use of hypnosis, like any other tool, requires training for good results. In the hands of a trained professional, hypnosis is very safe.

I'm sometimes asked, what would happen if the hypnotist didn't wake me up? The answer is that the hypnosis would turn into normal sleep, from which you would awaken well rested.

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Can My Phobia Be Conquered?

It’s called desensitization training, and it’s one of the things hypnotism does well. It can be very successful with most phobias. Some phobias take longer than others though. The fear of open spaces, going outside the house, and of crowds, are related, and are among the phobias taking the longest to desensitize. All phobias can be conquered.

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Can Hypnosis Really Help?

Hypnosis can help with many things. The mind is a very powerful tool. It need only be freed of the conscious mind’s feeling of impotence in dealing with the situation. The sub-conscious mind can address a great many problems successfully.

It can improve memory, self-confidence, creativity, concentration, break habits, deal with phobias, improve study habits, self image, relationships, improve health & happiness, ease life transitions and many other things.

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Can Anyone be Hypnotized, even me? What will it feel like?

Anyone from around three years old on up can be hypnotized if they are willing. Generally, the smarter you are, the easier it is to hypnotize you. The only real requirement is that you be willing. Having some qualms about it is OK.

You will feel just like you do now. Many people in hypnosis, don't believe they are hypnotized until it is proven to them in some way. If their eyes are closed, they will feel that they are keeping them closed because they want to. If the hypnotist makes an arm float, or does some other similar thing to prove to them that they are indeed hypnotized, they are usually amazed that they can not control it. Sometimes limbs feel heavy, as if you can't move them. But that doesn't really bother you because you don't really want to anyway.

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What is Self-Hypnosis?

This is a state of hypnosis that you can put yourself into to work on some problems that are important to you. It is also known as "Auto-Hypnosis". Self-Hypnosis can help you in very effective way in dealing with many challenges in your life when you practice it regularly and diligently with discipline, persistence and enthusiasm.

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Will I become a Zombie, can you Hypnotize me against my Will?

No, absolutely not. You will not become a zombie. And, generally speaking, you can not be hypnotized against your will.

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Will I Remember being Hypnotized?

Generally speaking, yes. But sometimes we uncover things that the conscious mind does not want to know about. I usually give this command before waking someone. "You may remember from this session what is safe for you to remember and that you want to remember, and forget what is not safe for you to remember or that you want to forget."

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Some Myths around Hypnosis:

1. Is being in hypnosis a reflection of a weak mind?

Of course not. In fact, the more intelligent, knowledgeable, strong and open minded you are, the more easily hypnosis is for you.

2. Will my mind be damaged in any way?

Absolutely not. Your mind will not be damaged, altered or changed in any way that you do not consent to. People under hypnosis will refuse a command or suggestion they feel will be harmful to them. There is ALWAYS a part of your mind that knows where you are and what is going on.

3. Will my will be controlled?

Certainly not. Hypnosis is always a "consent" state and YOU have complete control of your situation at all times.

4. Will I do anything I should not do?

No. You will not do anything in hypnosis that you would not do out of hypnosis.

5. Don't they take control of your mind in a stage hypnosis show?

If you have seen a stage hypnosis show, please remember that these people have volunteered. They know they will be asked to do silly things. By volunteering they have given their consent in advance. If you watch carefully, you will often see someone not participating completely in each "scene". That is usually because they have some objection to that "scene".

6. What if I cannot wake up?

Hypnosis has been practiced for many thousands of years and there is not even ONE recorded instance of someone not coming out of hypnosis. The difficulty is not getting you OUT of hypnosis, it's keeping you IN.

7. Will it give me a headache?

On the contrary, you will feel wonderful. In fact, if you have a headache when you go into hypnosis, it will be gone when you come out.

8. Will I be sound asleep?

Absolutely not. You will be completely awake and know what is happening at all times. If patients were asleep they would not hear and then not respond and so hypnosis would be useless. No, you will not be asleep.

9. Is it harmful in any way? 

No one has ever been harmed by hypnosis in any way.

10. Will I blurt out any family secrets? 

Certainly not. Hypnosis is not a lie detector or a "truth serum." You will not say anything that you do not want to say, not one word.

11. What does it feel like?

The universal answer is that it is "a very relaxing and comfortable experience."

12. Who can be hypnotized? 

Anyone who wants or needs hypnosis can be hypnotized. If you do not want it then you will not be hypnotized, it's as simple as that.

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