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Just a few samples of our clients' testimonials:

"Here is what some our clients are saying..."
"Wow, are you a magician?! I have this pain for many years (about 10 years) and you erase the pain that I have just for seconds?! Again, thank you so much for solving my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a big problem and pain that I have for many, many years!" (TL, Boston, MA).

"I was so thrilled with your healing therapy. My wounded heart is healed. I'm free and I feel so much better now!" (GE, Europe). 

"I was in the ER of one of the best Hospital in the country, because I couldn't breath and my whole body was numb. Especially, my neck, both hands, and feets; the doctors couldn't find what was the cause. I stayed over night at the hospital, but I felt no different. I was still in-pain and absoletelly numb all over my body, but when you came and did your therapy immediately I felt much better. I didn't feel numb anymore and I feel so much calmer and peaceful, Mucho gracias!" (CG, Chelsea, MA).

"I have been smoking for many years, maybe about 13 years. I felt that I couldn't live without cigarettes. It was real problem for me and my wife; but your therapy really helped me conquered my smoking habit. Thank you so much!"
(AT, Boston, MA).

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5-PATH & 7th Path Advance Hypnotherapists Directory-The Banyan Hypnosis Center
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Heal & Grow Center

Joshua W. Utomo, M.Div., D.Hyp., C.Ht.
Educator, Motivational/Public Speaker, Author

 1 Heal Grow Road • Boston, MA 300124-0002
Phone: 617-899-9939 • E-mail:

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456 Center Street,
Jamaica Plain, MA-02130 



We're located on the main street of the Historical, Multicultural, and Artsy Town of Jamaica Plain a part of Boston's neighborhood.